Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Glorious Sunny Day Under the Shade of a Tree...

…Though not overly relaxing, as I was crouched behind my camera taking these tasty food shots for client Olive Branch's new recipe booklet. Still, not a bad way to make a living, AND I got to eat the subject matter!
Each of the recipes feature one or more of their amazing products, most of which made by small farmers and local cooperatives around Greece, then shipped (overground) to us lucky people in the UK.
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Duke of Delhi in the final of Virgin Start-up Foodpreneur 2014, judged by Sir Richard himself!

Well what an exciting day! Our client Duke of Delhi made it to the final two in the category 'Most Exciting New Brand'. We were up against another great new product, 'Proper' Baked Beans. Both had passion, enthusiasm, a unique product, and elephants in the logos!

The stand got so busy I had to turn Duke of Delhi and go behind the counter to help elaborate on the Duke of Delhi story and brand, and encourage people to try the product - Indian spiced chocolate with a crunch of Bombay Mix inside. The branding AND the product went down extremely well, great to hear so many compliments from so many passionate food loving people.

The judging began, presented by Michela Chiappa, and judged by Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley, Mina Holland (editor of Guardian Cook), Paul Lindley of Ella's Kitchen, and of course the one and only Sir Richard Branson - who was the judge in our category!

Unfortunately Mr Branson chose the more healthy, beany option over Duke of Delhi's Anglo-Indian chocolate fusion. But second place is definitely still to be celebrated, and many new contacts (and I think a few new customers) were made...
I think the other runners-up deserve a special mention for all their effort and positivity! Especially Katie & Jane from NotDogs, who were grinning til the end!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Two tasty new Olive Branch ranges now launched! Greek Olives & Chunky Tapenades...

The lovely new jars from Olive Branch have just arrived, been photographed, and some are now less than half full! (couldn't resist).
Firstly, a range of the finest Greek olives: Greek Olive Mix, Sundried Tomato Garlic & Rosemary; Fiery Red Chilli and Herbs Chilli & Garlic.
Second is a range of coarsely cut 'chunky' tapenades: Sundried Tomato Feta & Greek Basil; Goats Cheese Rosemary & Chilli, Florina Peppers & Chilli and the slightly sweeter Fig & Mint.
All are delicious straight from the jar, but I've also tried adding them to salads, pasta, polenta and just with a decent tortilla chip!

Olive Branch source all the ingredients from local community cooperatives in Crete, the home country of founder Maria. They are then shipped overground to the UK, delivering an absolutely amazing hit of Mediterranean sun-ripened splendidness.

All are beautifully illustrated by the very talented Ohn Mar Win - and I'm not just saying that because we happen to be married! Simple illustrations of the ingredients were created using texture to add taste and a natural artisan feel.
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