Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My 4th 'R': Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, REPAIR!

After my camera/mp3 player stopped working due to a cranky lens, I decided I would NOT just be a good consumer and go out and buy a brand new one, but instead committed to repairing it.

I first carefully took it apart with some VERY tiny screwdrivers (and a very steady hand). I soon realised that the lens wouldn't come out, so put it back together anyway (which I hoped might have somehow fixed it!). ((it didn't of course)).

My next step was to put a search on ebay to alert me of any faulty Samsung camera/mp3 players.
A week later, one came up - great condition but with a broken screen. A quick google search told me that a screen can be replaced, so I bought the camera for 4 pounds (I was the only bidder).

I again disected the first camera (with the broken lens), then the second camera (with the broken screen).
Put them back together and what have you got?

A perfectly working new camera, for 4 pounds. (and a slight smug green feeling inside).

Also, if a Playstation stops reading discs completely you can order a new lens online from various dealers. Worked a treat for mine.

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