Monday, 9 November 2009

Recycled Toys...

Just back from a week in the (windy) west country. Nice (in a stormy kinda way).

While at the Eden Project I was quite inspired by these kids eco toys: - made from their Sprigwood material: - recycled plastic mixed with wood! With no batteries or annoying noises either, AND packaged in eco friendly packaging too!

OK, it's still plastic, and has to end it's life some time, but surely better than all the crap my 4 yr old will undoubtedly receive again this Christmas.

Now why can't Disney invest some of their vast profits in a similar project? I was quite impressed and encouraged after watching WALL-E with it's warning of how our rubbish is ruining and taking over our planet, only to visit a Disney store soon after to discover shelves of WALL-E toys made from plastic, packaged in (you guessed it) yet more plastic. Yeah, thanks Disney.

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