Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bright Green Brand of the Month: Unpackaged

I'm not sure whether I should describe Unpackaged as a 'brand' as such, if anything it's an anti-brand, as almost everything that is sold in this quirky little shop comes in no packaging at all, and therefore 'Unbranded'.

What Unpackaged definitely IS though is a fantastic idea and hopefully a movement way ahead of its time - the shape of things to come. And maybe surprisingly, as someone who earns a living from designing brand packaging, I welcome this vision of a life less plastic.

The shop is a little off the beaten track - vaguely between Farringdon, Kings Cross and Angel at 42 Amwell St, but this only adds to its charm - more like a local shop, which I guess may well be overlooked on a busy high street with all the big bold brands shouting for attention.

Visit the site, but more importantly visit the shop - it's like travelling way back in time, while also being way in the future.



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