Monday, 20 September 2010

Waitrose gain Greeny Points over Sainsbury's...

As Sainsburys this week face court action over their overpackaged Taste The Difference Beef, Waitrose head in a far more positive direction by announcing a move to flow-wrapped packaging.

How many of their meat products will be repackaged is not clear, and the more cynical may feel they are just reacting quickly to avoid being taken to court themselves, but any step away from the the current 'norm' of unnecessary hard plastic trays has to be for the better.
I just hope the new format will be accepted by customers (unlike their milk pouches, which had to be scrapped last year) and that all the other supermarkets follow their lead, because - as anyone old enough to remember butchers shops will remember - pieces of dead animal haven't always come packaged in clinically sealed plastic boxes.

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